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Gabriele Moroni ripete Gliese 581 8B+

Una giornata inizita male termina con lieto fine per Gabriele Moroni, il quale effettua la prima ripetizione di "Gliese 581", 8B+ aperto lo scorso anno da Niccolò Ceria a Champorcher.

"Today has not started the best way! I had to meet up with some friends from Milan but on the way to meet them my car went crazy and I had to bring it to a garage...
I was ready to bail but then I called my dad and he had no problems on giving me his car for the day! So in all of the sudden I was back on my way to Champorcher!
Conditions were perfect, cold and windy and after a good amount of tries, on my very last go of the day, I managed to keep the last big swing and get the first repetition of @nk_ceria testpiece Gliese 581 8b+!!!.."

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