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The Stepping Stone: nuovo 8C per Nalle Hukkataival

"The Stepping Stone" è la nuova linea estrema aperta da Nalle Hukkataival nei Grampians, in Australia.
Un progetto che nell'ultimo mese lo aveva impegnato completamente, a suo parere sicuramente una delle linee più belle da lui aperte, valutabile intorno al V15 (8C), se non addirittura oltre.

"This would be my last try. The wind kicked up. I chalked my hands about a dozen times, like I do when I'm nervous, and pulled on the rock. I was climbing on total autopilot like I have many times through the sections. A series of screams of surprise and relief lead to the sight of my right hand grabbing onto the finishing hold! I climbed the V0 topout like it was V13. Right there, standing on top of that boulder watching the bright orange sunset could be the most memorable climbing experience of my life!
Surely one of the very best lines I've ever opened; The Stepping Stone, somewhere around V15. Who even knows with the upper numbers anymore."
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