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Alex Khazanov ripete The Story of Two Worlds 8C

Bella performance per Alex Khazanov che a Cresciano sale il suo terzo 8C: "The Story of Two Worlds".

"A great way to start my 2018! One of my all time dream lines. Also managed to climb mithril with a wet top out, right after! The weather here in ticino is the worst I have experienced in Any of my climbing trips so far, rain, snow, fog, you name it. Fortunately there was one good day to used to my advantage, some times miracles do happen! Is it 8C(v15)? Perhaps, perhaps not, but who am I to judge?
A small dream just came true!"
(da 8a.nu)
Dai Koyamada, nuovo 8C con Gekirin

Buon inizio d'anno per Dai Koyamada che nell'area di Ryutosen, in Giappone, apre "Gekirin", il suo ennesimo 8C.

"Sent a project at Ryutosen in Nagasaki today! It’s really unbelievable. Sometimes I can demonstrate extreme power unexpectedly. It might be today is the day or it’s because of succeeding weight control or just taking enough rest after shoulder injury or all of them. Not sure but I’m very happy to make it anyway. It’s a great start of new year.
It’s ‘Gekirin’ (逆鱗) and I think V15~ but need more time to fixed.
I can say it’s the hardest in Kyushu."

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8A flash e primo 8B per Michaela Kiersch

Decisamente in forma la giovane statunitense Michaela Kiersch che, poco dopo essersi laureata, si reca a Hueco Tanks dove realizza la salita flash di "Diaphanous Sea" 8A. Dopo solo qualche giorno riesce a risolvere il suo primo 8B: "Crown of Aragorn".

Come contorno sale anche altri due 8A+: "Barefoot on Sacred Ground" e "Le Retour de Goupil".

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Collezione E9 Fall Winter 2017

E9 Fall Winter Collection 2017
Il nuovo sito E9 è online con la collezione Fall Winter 2017!
Una grafica completamente rinnovata e la possibilità di vedere tutti i nuovi capi nelle varie colorazioni!

Trovate E9 anche su Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram e Pinterest!
Secondo 8B per Oriane Bertone

Secondo 8B per Oriane Bertone a La Réunion con la salita di "Psychopad rallongé", versione prolungamento sit-start di "Psychopad", una estensione realizzata nel 2012 da Grégoire Sobczak.

"Second 8B for me. Very happy to have succeeded the extended version of this boulder one year after Alban Levier. Thanks also to Grég Sobczak for opening this marvel, and to Marie Trouvé for this very beautiful film."

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Il video sul Canale YouTube di Marie Trouvé

8B flash per Florian Schmalzl a Varazze

Christof Rauch riporta su Instagram le notevoli performances del suo amico Florian Schmalzl, in visita con lui a Varazze nel week-end scorso.: tre impressionanti salite flash, tutte su blocchi molto difficili quali "Gioia (stand-start)" 8B, "Alphacentaury" 8B, "V di Vendetta" 8A+.

"Back at home from another very productive trip to Varazze/Italy. My buddy @floschmalzl showed up with the most impressive flashes I've ever seen personally! On Friday he flashed "Gioia stand" (8B) and "V di Vendetta" (8A+), on Sunday he continued his rampage with a flash of "Alphacentauri" (8B). This guy is unstoppable at the moment! ??
For me the trip was pretty successful as well, I manged to climb my little project "Gandalf il Grigio" (8B+)."

Belle salite anche per Christof Rauch che risolve "Gandalf il Grigio" 8B+, "Fortunadrago" 8B, "Alphacentaury" 8B e "Excalibur sit-start" 8A+.

"Used the long weekend here in Austria to make a little trip to Varazze. It was my first visit to this area and it was definitely not my last one. Managed to climb some really cool lines like "Fortunadrago" 8B, "Alphacentauri" (8B) and "Excalibur sit" (8A+)"

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Giacomo Raimondi su Tai Lung 8A+ a Varazze

Dopo un lungo assedio Giacomo Raimondi viene a capo di "Tai Lung", 8A+ aperto nel 2009 da Christian Core al settore La Cava di Varazze.
A suo parere una delle linee più belle ed atletiche da lui salite.

"What a sunday yesterday i was able to send my enemy: Tai Lung [8A+] by @corechristian. This is one of the most athletic and beautiful line i’ve ever climbed. The process has been very long, especially after a broken foothold i had to change my beta and i think that now it could be one of the hardest line i’ve ever climbed."

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Il video sul Canale YouTube di InfoBoulder

Florian Schmalzl: 8C con Emotional Landscapes

Belle realizzazioni per Florian Schmalzl in Maltatal: nella stessa giornata riesce a salire "Emotional Landscapes" 8C e "Bügeleisen" 8B+.

Christof Rauch ne parla sulla sua pagina Instagram:

"Today he climbed both of Klem Loskots masterpieces "Bügeleisen" (8B+) and "Emotional Landscapes" (8C) in Maltatal on the same day! Really inspiring!"

Florian aveva risolto il suo primo 8C nel 2014 con "Zunami", in Saalachtal.
Due 8A+ A Hueco Tanks per Alex Puccio

Ancora due blocchi di 8A+ per Alex Puccio che risolve velocemente "Brown smurf" e "Le Retour de Goupil", entrambi nell'area di Hueco Tanks.

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