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Zach Galla ripete The Process 8C+

A Buttermilks (Bishop) Zach Galla riesce nella prima ripetizione di "The Process", difficilissimo boulder aperto da Daniel Woods nel 2015 e valutato 8C+.

"Topping this one out was a feeling no other climb has ever given me. After sticking the lip and calming myself down, it felt like I was in a bubble and the only thing that mattered was the next move. It was a true 100% focus i’ve never found through anything else. @dawoods89 was truly ahead of his time doing the first ascent of this mental and physical testpiece 9 years ago. Mad respect, thank you for showing me what is possible."

Per lui è il terzo passaggio di questo grado dopo le salite di "Grand Illusion" (2021) e "Sleepwalker" (2023).

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