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Nuovi 8C per Aidan Roberts

Molto attivo nell'apertura di nuovi passaggi, Aidan Roberts riesce ad effettuare la prima salita di alcuni boulders di 8C.

Tra i più recenti "Raggamuffin", a Boardwalk cave.

"Had a couple of sessions figuring out and establishing both halves of this one, each being great boulders in their own right. The lower boulder predominately requiring shoulders and the upper one more reliant on body tension."

Suo anche "Silent Singer" (video) a Bowderstone.

"A rather unlikely looking face which I’d never before considered to be possible. Thanks to my good friend Dan for spotting this line and visualising this sequence. Utilising a tiny incut crimp and squeezing all limbs into a very small box unlocked this one."

In trasferta in Svizzera a Brione apre "Everything the Light Touches", subito a sinistra di "The Kingdom".

"Everything the Light Touches - First ascent.
A stern new 8C just left of the perfect ‘Kingdom’, established by @carlodenali"

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