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Nuovo 8C per Toni Lamprecht: Angeschossens Wolf

Toni Lamprecht
"Angeschossens Wolf"
Foto © video screenshot
Ancora una difficile linea nei primi giorni di marzo per Toni Lamprecht sotto il tetto di Kochel: "Angeschossens Wolf" è il nuovo 8C che percorre per 11 movimenti "Real Absurdistan" per uscire su "La Paloma".

"I thought long, if it is good to publish bouldering news now, because in the moment the world has bigger problems than solved boulders. But I decided that it could be an inspiration to those who can't climb in the moment, who fight in the health system to save lives, who pray for their relatives, work in the food industry or the markets. You are all our real hereos.
So here is a story about a small fight. Hopefully we can win the big fight, that is going on in the world right now and go out climbing when it is over:
On the 3rd of March I was able to climb the Boulder "Angeschossens Wolf" in sufficiently cold conditions. The boulder is identical to "Real Absurdistan" (8C) until move number 11, and then combines it with the "La Paloma"-exit (8A). To me it felt a little but harder than "Real Absurdistan" , but time will tell.

Hopefully the next bouldering days may come for us all and more important at least the next corona free days!"

Il video sul Canale YouTube di Toni.
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