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Pietro Biagini su Gioia Stand a Varazze

A Varazze Pietro Biagini riesce a ripetere "Gioia (stand-start)" 8B, un blocco sul quale 7 anni prima aveva assistito ad una rapida ripetizione da parte di Paul Robinson. Fu la scintilla per la motivazione di poterlo risolvere anche lui un giorno.

"First time I came under this boulder was 7 years ago, that day after sending my very first 7B I met Paul Robinson during his first day there in Varazze.
Later we moved together to Gioia, because he wanted to try it, but he hadn't enough pads and after 15 minutes he was standing at the top of it. Since that moment I always wanted to hold on those 3 crimps without falling...
Well, today, 7 years later, I did it, marking what is probably my best rock climbing achievement!"
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