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Clément Lechaptois su Foundation's Edge 8C

Nell'area di Fionnay Clément Lechaptois effettua la terza salita di "Foundation's Edge", 8C aperto nel 2013 da Dave Graham.

"Last wednesday I was finally able to get the 3rd ascent of this massive bloc FA'd by @dave_graham_ in 2013, and repeated by @shawnraboutou last fall.
The problem consists of a crazy sequence on tiny edges and delicate feet movements before a sketchy end on the biggest and scariest jugs you can imagine"

Per lui anche altri quattro 8B+ nell'anno in corso: "New Base Line" e "Die Unendliche Geschichte" a Magic Wood, "Jade" a Rocky Mountain National Park e "Gepresster Hase" a Sustenpass.

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