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James Webb ripete L'Alchimiste in giornata

Dopo un viaggio intercontinentale notturno dagli USA alla Francia, James Webb arriva in mattinata a Fontainebleau e si reca a provare uno dei blocchi più noti del momento: "L'Alchimiste". Nevica e James deve pulire il blocco, poi, in soli tre tentativi, riesce a risolverlo, proponendo il grado di 8B...

"3 tries total. Im a bit confused by this right & left exit stuff. Its just one wall.. with just one line.. and two different options for beta. Thats it. Pick the beta that suits your style and go for it. Nonetheless, a quality problem! Very psyched to be here.

It is a nice line for sure. Great rock and interesting features.
Today was the first day. Traveled here over the night and landed this morning. Took the train to Font and my bud Dave Mason picked me up and we went climbing..."
(da 8a.nu)
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