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Christof Rauch apre Nussknacker Sit

"Nussknacker Sit" è il nuovo problema aperto da Christof Rauch in Zillertal, Austria.
Il passaggio è la combinazione di due problemi pre esistenti. Partenza da "Black Beauty" per collegarsi a "Nussknacker". Grado proposto 8B+/8C in attesa di ripetizioni.
Da notare che negli ultimi 12 mesi Christof ha salito più di 100 boulders all' 8A in su.

"Such a proud line! After more than 1h of building up a new landing yesterday and falling down on the last hard move last session, I am really happy to get this first ascent!!! Shares the first few moves of "Black Beauty" and climbs through a little transitionpart directly (without the first move) into the "Nussknacker". So it's about 8A into 8B(?).
I would suggest 8B+/C. Maybe it's just a solid 8B+ but definitely the hardest thing I have climbed so far. There is just a little elimination (for me it's logical), without the holds in the slab, otherwise you could climb into the slab and shake out. Took me 7 sessions to put it together. I hope to see some repeats! ;-)"
(da 8a.nu)
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