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James Webb: prima ripetizione di Livin' Large 8C

James Webb effettua la prima ripetizione di "Livin' Large", famoso spigolo di 8C aperto da Nalle Hukkataival nel 2009 a Rocklands

"Proper last day best day! Woke up early again for the usual routine and found myself on top of Livin Large for the 2nd ascent!! No words can fully describe the feeling I had when I stuck the final jug.. This rig most definitely has consumed me for a long time and after 10 days of efforts this trip it is such a relief to get it done. Cheers to everyone who helped get me through this process of hiking pads, spotting, waking up early etc etc. couldn't have done without ya'll!! Also huge thanks to @nalle_hukkataival for the FA and for hiking up a mondo today and spotting my ass on the send! At the airport now heading home. Time for a month of training before heading to OZ!!"

James ripete anche tre blocchi di 8B: "Fragile steps", "El Corazon" e "The Power of One" (quest'ultimo flash).

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