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Alfons Dornauer: due 8B+ in Zillertal

Il ventenne Alfons Dornauer riesce a salire due 8B+ nella stessa giornata in Zillertal: "Nussknacker" e "Traumschiff".

Oltre al bouldering, Alfons sembra muoversi bene anche in falesia, dove al momento sembra essere vicino a chiudere un vecchio progetto di 9a.

"I think one of the most important thing in climbing is to have a good max power. It makes no sense to have endurance if you are not able to do the single moves in a route. So my training is also very focused on max power, and one day per week I try to climb some routes. Furthermore I do some longer boulders in the gym. I think to climb hard routes on the rock is more about getting used to the moves and try to find a good tactic."
(da 8a.nu)
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