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Video: Ceria sui 'Giganti' di Bishop

Niccolò Ceria
Foto © screenshot from the video
Il video di Niccolò Ceria sugli enormi blocchi di Bishop.
Lo vediamo su questi passaggi: "Footprints" V9, "This side of Paradise" V10, "North of Center" V11 e "Evilution Direct" V11

"This is my first clip oversea. Giulia and I decided to call it "Giants".
The reason for the name is due to the amazement that we felt where everything looked bigger than in Europe. The roads, the cars, the foods, the goods, the buildings, the packagings that we saw had a really bigger size for us, as well as the Giant boulders of Bishop. A land full of Highballs and huge walls to climb with the pads. The problems in the clip are not as Giant as the biggest ones, thinking about "Ambrosia" or others; but they definitively have a Giant shape for the standard I used to."

Maggiori dettagli sul suo blog.

Il video sul Canale Vimeo di Niccolò.

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