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8C per Chris Webb Parsons

Seconda ripetizione di "Insanity of Grandeur", 8C di Chironico, ad opera di Chris Webb Parsons.
Chris riesce a risolverlo solo dopo essere caduto per ben due volte nella facile placca finale...!

Il blocco, aperto da Dai Koyamada, fino ad ora era stato ripetuto solo da Gabriele Moroni.

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"YES!!! Just finished of Insanity Of Grandure 8C. After 6 days of work and falling on the slab top out twice (yes twice) today I topped it out with the rain and snow poring down and skin so torn up. Thanks to the amazing people I have met on this trip and a huge thanks goes to two incredible people @sashaturrentine and @alexjohnson89 for coming to spot me and support me on this journey. This journey has not just been about climbing, it's about new friendship, happiness and so much more."
(da 8a.nu)
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