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Eliot Stephens apre The Origin Sit 8C

Primo 8C del Galles ad opera di Eliot Stephens che nell'area di Dinas Rock apre "The Origin Sit".

La nuova linea aggiunge 5 movimenti (valutabili approssimativamente 8A+) con partenza da seduti per congiungersi a "The Origin", 8B+ aperto da Eliot nel 2019.

"The first 8C in Wales. This one was a good local challenge over the last month or so. In 2019 I put up the 8B+ stand start, and wondered whether there could be a sit. This year I had a look, and found a 5 move sequence that climbed into a position 2 moves into the stand. Those 5 moves of roughly 8A+ took me a good few sessions to link, and a handful more to link into the stand. Along with ‘The Long Night’ this is by far the hardest thing I’ve done to date, and in some ways brings me full circle. Dinas is where I started bouldering, where I became addicted, and a place I’m lucky to have had on my doorstep."

Nella stessa area apre anche "Mega Ten Plus" 8B.
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