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Nuovi 8B e 8B+ aperti da Isabelle Faus

Notevole serie di nuovi passaggi aperti da Isabelle Faus tra settembre e ottobre. In evidenza due 8B+ quali "The Emasculator" in Camp Dick e "Sinwav" in Pine Cliff.

"The Emasculator" è una lunga sequenza che aggiunge 12 movimenti a "Circle Jerk" (8B di Daniel Woods).

"maybe 8c+/9a route ? idk people suggested I give this a grade route, but not experienced enough with routes to grade it.... super fun line.. all types of moves... very pumpy.. thank to the crew for the support and spots !!"

"Did a thing last week,, in the camp dick cave... gonna call it “the emasculator” V14.. adds a 12 move traverse into circle jerk... prolly v11 to a rest, into a v12, another rest and then exit in a v8,, hard to grade honestly. but certainly harder than circle jerk. 40 moves. more importantly everything is on fire...the park and national forest is closed, and thousands of people are evacuated.. stressful time on the front range right now.. ready for winter, let it snow... like everyday please.. swipe to see the Cal-Wood fire come down the hill. Pic of me is the crux of the Boulder"

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Oltre a questi Isabelle ripete un altro 8B+: "Crème de la Crumb" a Mt. Evans.

Per lei altre prime salite con due 8B: "Get Laid" in Scoop e "Glitter Addict" in Pinecliffe Boulders.
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