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Isabelle Faus apre Gold Rush 8B

Isabelle Faus
"Gold Rush"
Coal Creek
Foto © video screenshot
Isabelle Faus apre "Gold Rush": un nuovo passaggio nell'area di Coal Creek.
La linea unisce due passaggi esistenti, traversando a destra, da "Pay dirt" a "From Nalle to Ashima". Il grado proposto è 8B.

"Started on Pay dirt and finished on the Ashima trav. Has a hard sequence to get to the jug (v11/v12), then you have a V10 to do. I tried this a couple years ago and didn't find a way, and thought it would be awkward even if I did.. but this year I finally did the ashima trav with the new master beta, and then decided to see if I could link from Pay dirt. I found a really fun sequence and got psyched, did it my next day at the boulder. I think my method is V13, well see how it turns out in the end. Fun climbing!!"

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