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Muttertagsdach: nuovo 8B+ per Toni Lamprecht

Un nuovo 8B+ per Toni Lamprecht nell'area di Kochel con "Muttertagsdach".
Il passaggio fa parte di un progetto di Toni: "Stoamatz project".

"I'm working on the "Stoamatz-Projects" since last winter. The lower start in the roof is sometimes wet, that's why I climbed the "Muttertag"-version first. Then I moved some stones on the ground and now it is possible to start 2 hard moves lower. And there would be the extension."

"Another picture of "Muttertagsdach " FB 8b+ (?), the "lightweight " version of the "Stoamatz project". The lower start is still missing. And there is also an FB 8ab extension. May the next winter (or the next cold days) come ..."
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