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Gabriele Moroni racconta la sua vittoria ad Hachioji

Gabriele Moroni
World Cup - Hachioji 2018
Foto © Heiko Wilhelm
Dopo la vittoria in Coppa del Mondo a Hachioji Gabriele Moroni riassume le sue sensazioni e il suo percorso per arrivare a questo risultato.
Il racconto sulla sua pagina Instagram.

"I still remember my first day of climbing.
I was a tiny 8 years old kid top roping some short concrete walls in a small gym in my hometown, Novara.
More than 22 years later, at 30, I am in Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan competing in a final round of a World Cup.
I am in the middle of the arena, on stage, standing underneath the Final’s 4th problem.
Some thousands people are watching me in person plus some more thousands are watching me virtually from their screens...
I know Tomoa, who started right before me, has just flashed the problem.
So in the back of my mind I also know I can still win making the zone.
I know it but I don’t feel much pressure. I am in a very relaxed state of mind. Only a few times in my life I felt this confident. “ENJOY THE MOMENT” I remember I thought.

Back to the mats... The intro move looks very low percentage. A weird double clutch to a massive volume that makes an arete and a very poor rounded undercling.
To my surprise I stick the risky move and I focus on the next, decisive target.
No hesitation, I try to say to my body.
I feel I am controlling the zone hold and that I just won my first World Cup!
They told me a diabolic grin came out of my face when I stuck the zone but I can’t say... from that moment on I felt like I was in a creepy dream, fighting for survival, almost falling at every move but somehow staying on...
And when I woke up, I was matching the top hold... So I closed the eyes for a second, and enjoyed the moment alone in my little world, before coming back to the reality..."
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