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Isabelle Faus: 8B e 8A+ nello stesso giorno a Chironico

Prima salita femminile di "Delusion of Grandeur", 8B di Chironico, per Isabelle Faus.
Nella stessa giornata riesce ad avere la meglio anche su "Electric Ant" 8A+.

"Wow! So psyched, super classic boulder. not my style at all....slopers.. really big crux move that is my full extension. Top out is high and committing and satisfying... I was scared on the slab! not usually an FFA type of girl.. I think its dumb in most cases.. but I think I'm the first girl to do this, and it's one of the most classic boulders in Ticino so thats kinda cool.. Went up and the Electric Ant (the new start) right after! Probably one of my best days of climbing!"
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