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Gabriele Moroni, FA higball con Rigatoni

Gabriele Moroni
Valle dell' Orco
Foto © video screenshot
Gabriele Moroni apre "Rigatoni", un nuovo 8A in Valle dell' Orco, un highball di 8 metri che lo ha portato a spingersi oltre il proprio limite psicologico.

Ecco il suo racconto della salita:
"Everybody else would probably post something about Melloblocco today but I want to talk about something totally opposite, a more serious and less chaotic experience...
I don't really know if I can consider Rigatoni a highball, a solo route or just a short bouldery route that misses bolts.
The only thing I know is that for the first time ever I went beyond a personal "limit" and entered into a new unknown dimension of my psyche.
Probably a rational person would have waited a little bit more, fixing the landing to make it a little bit "safer" or coming back another time with more crashpads or again doing it a couple more times on top rope!
But the context was perfect and something said me it was the right moment and the right thing to do at that moment..."

Il video sul Canale YouTube di Gabriele

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