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Michel Piccolruaz apre La grosse Tarlouze 8C

Nuova linea di 8C aperta da Michael Piccolruaz a Magic Wood: "La grosse Tarlouze" è il concatenamento di "Die Unendliche Geschichte 1" e "La Tarlouze" (passaggio di 8A+ aperto da Giuliano Cameroni nel 2014).

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"I heard about that new problem Giuliano opened there, called "La Tarlouze", and was motivated to try it. It starts on the second part of "Unendliche Geschichte", then climbs out left, all the way to the last holds of "Massiv Attack", and tops out there, going up the whole slab.
I eventually managed to climb that cool boulder after a bunch of tries but I wasn't happy with that. I knew the line wasn't complete. So I decided to try the whole line, connecting "Unendliche Geschichte 1" with "La Tarlouze".
And I had success Emoticon smile On our third day, after waiting all day long for the topout to dry and for the conditions to be somehow bearable, I managed to send "La grosse Tarlouze", my hardest First Ascent, as well as my first 8C boulder!"
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