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Nalle Hukkataival ripete The Nest 8C

Ancora un 8C per Nalle Hukkataival il quale ripete "The Nest", 8C aperto da Daniel Woods a Red Rocks.

"Swooop!! Just took down The Nest (V15)! Last year Andy Raether and Kenny Barker took us to this gem and we brushed it up with Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb but I was unable to try it with my shoulder injury. It's one of the best feelings coming back stronger and climbing something that you couldn't do because of an injury!"

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Impressionante la lista dei boulders risolti nel 2014, da lui pubblicata in un post su Facebook:

"Due to popular demand, here's list of some of the highlights of my year, after recovering from my shoulder injury."

Tra i più impegnativi vengono elencati:

8C/+ "Gioia" e "Bügeleisen sit-start"
8C: "Road Sweet Home", "Practice Of The Wild" and "Emotional Landscapes"

8a.nu fa notare che per la prima volta Nalle si sbilancia con la valutazione di 8C/8C+ per "Gioia" e "Bügeleisen sit-start", confermandoli tra i 5 boulders più difficili al mondo.
(da 8a.nu)
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